How to Send Messages on Facebook

In Facebook there are many ways of how to Send Messages on Facebook to another user and this or not added to your list of friends, but if you still complicates perform that good action through this short article will explain step by step as you will make that process to begin with you dirigirás to this address from your preferred browser

Send Messages on Facebook

Then you’ll have access to your Facebook account by typing your email address and security password, then You will be placed in the upper left of the page and you’ll click your user name so you can access the profile, now will enter your giving friends click the link on the left side of the contact to whom you will send the message.

Now in the new window you’ll click on the icon that says “Message” then will show a small window where you will enter the message you sent to the contact in can add images, emoticons and files, then to finish you just would press enter and thus your friend will come a notice we get a message.

Messages on Facebook

And in that way it is how you can send a message to other users of a fast and continue just follow the steps suggested in this short article.

How to Disable Facebook Chat

Do you want to log into your Facebook account but you want your friends are connected? Well now it is possible to perform this action you must first log into your Facebook account and do what indicate. Avoid talking with friends Disable Facebook Chat with running this action you can only see updates on your wall.

Disable Facebook Chat

To begin this process we place ourselves on our Facebook wall, then we must give in the gear-shaped icon that is located on the bottom right under our contacts. A number of options from which you must select the sixth option is “off chat” will be displayed.

A little extra where you will show three options opens:

Disable chat for all friends (to turn off the chat and no one will see attached).

Disable chat for all friends except (you can disable the chat but you can stay connected to a contact in particular).

Disable chat only to some friends (You can select contacts that do not want them to see attached).

How To Disable Facebook Chat Permanently

If you use one of the last two options you should write to the empty box the names of the contacts you want or do not want to be seen contacted. Once you have everything in order finalizas giving just click “OK”.

If you want to only check your Facebook Wall and do not want to talk to anyone, I recommend disabling Facebook chat, here we teach you how.